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Rendering & 3D Pattern

Her job is to make the designer’s idea clear and tangible, and to turn it into a design for the eyes and hands of the pattern maker. She creates virtual prototypes as well as advertising material for new collection launches and models with videos and 3D graphics. She graduated as a Goldsmith and Jewellery Designer and later as a Designer and Patternmaker of Luxury Footwear at the Footwear Polytechnic. Her love for design ranges from 2D Cad models to 3D Footwear Design. She has worked for various companies and brands in the footwear sector. In particular, within Staff International, she introduced and made 3D modelling and virtual prototyping indispensable for several fashion houses. With this background, she decided to take the Freelancer route in order to work with different projects and companies.

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  • Rendering
  • Maquette print trainers
  • Rapid prototyping