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We rediscover and promote craftsmanship, the
savoir-faire and quality of the best manufacturing tradition for making footwear, leather goods and jewelry.



We actively work on training young people through continuous scouting, and we experience every day how powerful synergies are between specialized people who have solid skills and innovative ideas.


We work to be a strategic resource and a flexible, custom-molded boutique.


We look for and study production processes and new solutions, which can consolidate sustainability in all aspects.


The best of the past can give birth to a new present, linking the tradition of Master Craftsmen to the new impulses of the contemporary market.

We support production areas that keep alive
originality and tradition.




Multidisciplinary projects

Cross-functional coordination design, merchandising, product development and supply chain

Optimization of the production chain

Scouting and selection of suppliers and manufacturers analyzed according to quality targets, production capacity and price

Analysis and definition of targets, benchmarks, and alternative policy proposals

Construction of procurement and production KPIs

Redesign of business processes in the 'industrial area

Timetable and plan for development and industrialization

Planning and forecasting of materials and finished product

Technical and management analysis of the supply chain

Business management

Afficancamento in marketing and distribution management

Definition and drafting of service contracts

Temporary management

Continuity service for managing handovers in case of temporary discontinuity of management

Business scouting

Scouting business opportunities for small businesses

Spin off of new lines of business

Coaching for Start ups

Identification of business objectives

Organizational planning budget, time, resources

Organizational and production process design


Product sustainability

Analysis and evaluation of the sustainability of a product or collection

Measuring the environmental impact of a product (Life Cycle Assessment) in collaboration with universities/research institutions

Sustainability of materials

Sustainable materials research

Analysis and evaluation of materials sustainability

Measuring the environmental impact of a material (Life Cycle Assessment) in collaboration with universities/research institutions

Eco-toxicological quality analysis of materials/production processes (PRSL & MRSL Compliance)"

Sustainability of the production chain

Mapping, analysis and assessment of socio-environmental risks and impacts of the supply chain (Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence)

Visits and/or Audits at suppliers to detect risks and socio-environmental nonconformities

Traceability and transparency of the production chain

Corporate sustainability

Analysis and evaluation of enterprise sustainability

Integration of sustainability into the business management system (Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR)

Drafting of corporate procedures and standards for development of a sustainable product

Sustainability training and communication

Sustainable production: Training to employees and suppliers

Communication, information and customer awareness of sustainability And on the responsible conduct of the enterprise

Drafting Non-Financial Statement (DNF) / Sustainability Report

Sustainable business models

Comprehensive Brand Sustainability Analysis and Evaluation

Building business models in line with the circular economy

Mentoring start-ups/emerging brands in building models of sustainable business

Assisting the company in obtaining B Corp certification. Or for the establishment of a benefit corporation

Supporting the company in developing an Inclusive Business model. (Partnership with Nonprofit Organizations for International Cooperation. development)


Research and Development

Material Search of Leather Fabrics Accessories, Processing and Components

Design and drawing of accessories and technical assistance for implementation

Developing and drafting specifications

Support in the realization of finishing on metalhardware at the Sample, Parade and/or Special Projects stage

Analysis and costing of materials/accessories/components

Cost Analysis for Leather Fabrics Accessories and Components

Search manufacturers by structure (soles/heels )

Mapping ancillary providers by class of merit

Cost analysis for components and processing

Analysis of the design and technical characteristics of the facility

Cost analysis for footwear structures for molds and production plan

Materials and processing training

Product training on accessories, processing techniques, electroplating, quality standards and definitions

Merchandise training on materials (leathers and fabrics), processing techniques and processes

Fine-tuning of materials/accessories testing and specifications

Assistance with chemical testing at specialized laboratories

Physical and mechanical testing assistance c/o specialized laboratories

Support industrialization of materials and third-party processing on materials

Quality controls for percentage, AQL, or ad hoc classes of merit

Structural and production problem solving in machining on materials

Coordination for the development of footwear facility projects

Drafting of specifications with AQL percentage and classes of merit

Quality control and compliance with material specifications at manufacturers' premises

Metalhardware quality control at manufacturers' sites on behalf of Brands

Technical documentation assistance

Drafting of accessory specifications - Fashion sector

Verification of compliance with designed specifications

Production process optimization for facilities (footwear)

Materials management and documentation

Quality manual update assistance

Drafting of company procedures for quality control of materials, components and accessories

Documentation on material regulations and quality certifications

Master approval preparation for quality control

Rationalization of material suppliers based on business KPIs

Mapping providers by classes of merit

Drafting of specifications with AQL percentage and classes of merit

Sustainability and new technological proposals

Drafting of material sourcing procedures and Audit verification

Assistance updating manual quality accessories

Assistance in drafting technical documentation

HFCP study updates "High Fashion Consultant Project"

Production process optimization for accessories and applications

Drafting procedures and documentation on regulations for quality certifications



Collection development

Brand narrative with construction of its history, ideals and codes

Design of the entire collection process: concept - presentation - sale

Collection strategy analysis

Project/criticality analysis, setting and balancing

Product evaluation and business consistency

Collection moodboard focused on the brand and its identity

Collection design in synergy with corporate marketing teams, merchandising, sales and purchasing

Strategic stylistic and technical solutions for the product

Collection development coordination

Advanced product design, with study of shapes, soles, components and innovative technologies

Brand and collection presentations, moodboards and fashion trends

Organization of collection calendars and development plan analysis

Commercial product balancing

Component Development , Prototypes and Samples - Footwear

Collection calendar management

Construction development and individual components (lasts - heels - soles - insoles)

Virtual design and rendering

Model design using 2d and 3d Cad

Supervision of prototypes and samples at manufacturers' facilities

Industrialization and production

Support cad cutting machine management

Support in industrialization of the finished product

Fine-tuning fit and base size also with reference foot test eventual model available in size 37

Support in solving production technical problems

Research and innovation - leather goods

Search for raw material skins/fabrics

Devising and fine-tuning special processes

Search for solutions that can improve the product or production processes

Costing and product pricing - leather goods

Placement of the product in the correct price range and search for consistent production solutions

Cost analysis with comparison by product range and competitor

Cost analysis with comparison by product range and competitor (product - footwear)

Component search

Component research and design

Line and Pattern Development - Footwear

Collection development in design support or line and pattern development from collection moodboards Elegant and Luxury

Creation of drawings and sketches

Model development


Business organizational processes

Mapping processes, workflows and business functions

Assessment of needs expressed by business leaders, Of process or from the operatives of computer systems

Mapping information flows and basic information supports

Mapping business and management units


Business communication modeling

Organization and training in management area

Data management and management flows

Management media mapping

Mapping data archives and databases

Development of basic management documents: data sheets/reports

Primary needs assessment in data management and existing solutions

Functional communication between departments and operating units

Drafting of procedures, flow charts, and follow up


Web Development

Web design

Static Web site development and

Audit of the site and backlinks


Drafting of texts promotional campaigns or product communication and keyword analysis

Analytics and Campaigns

Managing PPC campaigns on different search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and APP Store

Study and creation of targeted campaigns: Search, Shooping, Smart Shopping, Re-marketing, Display, Universal App Campaigns, DSA

Search Ads and Google Marketing Platform analysis, PPC campaign optimization

Graphics and Visual

Creating graphics, logos, vectorizing images and logos

Creating digital motion effects with Adobe After Effect, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut ProX

Manuals for collections...

Visual and Social

Content creation for posts, social and articles

Layout of texts and covers

Aesthetic and functional overhaul of social sites or pages

Social consulting and supervision


The product is at the core of our experience and services. From design to development to production planning.
We know the fashion and luxury market and the most suitable supply chains for different types of products.

servizi di consulenza scarpe pelletteria firenze

Cluxter is incorporated as a Benefit company-a goal that raises our standards, for better customer response.

We have chosen to be a Benefit Society: a goal that raises our standards and a model that we learn to adhere to in every process and activity.

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We like to make complex projects simple
and find new ways to integrate sustainability,
social, environmental and economic
into every production process.