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Supply Chain
Strategy Execution

About Me

He experienced the craftsmanship tradition of footwear from a very young age, through his grandfather’s business of exported footwear from the Veneto region to Argentina, and then he worked in the family business where he was faced with more structured and entrepreneurial business requirements.

He studied engineering in Bologna and worked for major luxury brands such as Prada and the Capri group (Michael Kors, Versace and Jimmy Choo), from production planning to cost evaluation.

He researches the best combinations between production realities and business needs, with a deep knowledge of production and logistic channels in Europe and Asia. He finds the most effective connections to ensure product care with excellent manufacturing

- ritratto10


Cross-functional coordination design, merchandising, product development and supply chain

  • Construction of supply and production KPIs, definition of targets
  • Scouting and selection of suppliers analysed according to quality KPIs, production capacity and price
  • Timetable and plan for development and industrialisation
  • Forecast and planning of materials and finished product
  • Integrated technical and management industrial analysis
  • Opportunity scouting and business development for small companies
  • Launch new business lines
  • Coaching for start-ups
  • Support with technical and managerial expertise for the integration of specific business needs
  • Continuity service for the management of handovers during a temporary period of change
  • Identification of business objectives
  • Organisational planning budget, time, resources

Design of organisational and production processes