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We offer consultancy and strategic advisory services to companies in the fashion industry for the development and production of:

Footwear     Leather Goods     Jewellery

CluXter is a collection of people who, with an established network of manufacturers and suppliers, provide an outsourcing of technical expertise.  

CluXter is aimed at established, emerging and start-up brands and can be integrated into any company’s organisation.

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We believe that business consultancy can be a strategic ally, but also a flexible, customer-oriented tailor made service.

We want to rediscover and promote the craftsmanship, savoir-faire and quality of the best Italian manufacturing tradition and other.

We seek out and study new production processes that can increasingly integrate sustainability in all its aspects.

We make sure that ideas meet the necessary skills to turn them into new products, new lines or innovative projects.


We can provide companies, emerging brands and start-ups with the skills to enhance their product development and production organisation.

Our services can be varied and tailored to the different needs and size of the business.


Cluxter offers a range of services to companies, and is able to work with a variety of organisations.
How do we work?

Our solutions are tailor-made, thanks to modular proposals and fees that can be tailored to each individual project.

The rediscovery of artisanal know-how is one of our priorities, and we seek out the most suitable craftsmen to carry out the projects entrusted to us.

We actively work on the training of young people through coaching and every day experiences which  can create positive impact between specialised people who have solid skills and innovative ideas.

We work with multidisciplinary teams, where specific skills become an asset that can be easily shared with different business organisations.

We promote sustainable projects – the best examples in the supply chain – that combine environmental awareness and care. 


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The product is at the heart of our expertise and services, from design and development to production planning. We know the fashion and luxury market and the most suitable supply chains for different types of products.

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The best skills of the past can give life to a new present, linking the tradition and excellence of the Master Craftsmen to new ideas and the contemporary market. Cluxter has set itself up as a Benefit company: an objective that raises our standards, for a better response to our clients.

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We like to make complex projects simple and find new ways to integrate sustainability - social, environmental and economic - into every production process.


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