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Leather goods Development

About Me

Over 30 years of professional experience, in the Prada and Miu Miu Group, in purchasing, research and development, particularly in the creation and development of leather goods collections for men, women and travel.

Research into raw materials, conception and development of special processes on leather and fabrics, strong attention to detail, technical solutions and innovative processes.

Continuously searching for new stylistic and technical solutions to achieve the objectives in terms of product image linked to the brand identity and the collection and fashion show themes, always paying particular attention to production costs and following industrial logic.

- sabrina baldini new


Area: Research and development

  • Collection strategy analysis
  • Project analysis / criticality, setting and balancing
  • Product and business coherence
  • Strategic stylistic and technical solutions for the product
  • Collection development coordination
  • Research of raw materials leather / fabrics
  • Design and development of special processes
  • Research into solutions that can improve the product or production processes
  • Placement of the product in the correct price range and search for consistent coherent production solutions.
  • Cost analysis with comparison by product range and competitors