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About Me

Giulia Romano has been working for more than 10 years on Corporate Social Responsibility and in particular on aspects related to the social and environmental sustainability of global production chains, collaborating as a freelance consultant with numerous multinationals in the high fashion sector.

In particular, she assists companies in the management of activities and projects related to the social and environmental sustainability of the supply chain and the related raw materials used through the mapping and traceability of the supply chain, the analysis of supply chain risk, the search for sustainable materials and the development and implementation of corporate policies and standards.

She also lectures on issues related to corporate social responsibility and the sustainability of production chains on behalf of both training organisations and companies.

- giulia sotenibilita


  • Analysis and assessment of the sustainability of a product or collection
  • Measuring the environmental impact of a product (Life Cycle Assessment) in collaboration with universities / research institutes
  • Sustainable materials research
  • Analysis and assessment of material sustainability
  • Traceability and origin of raw materials
  • Measuring the environmental impact of a material (Life Cycle Assessment) in cooperation with universities / research institutes.
  • Analysis of the eco-toxicological quality of materials / production processes (PRSL & MRSL compliance)
  • Mapping, analysis and assessment of risks and socio-environmental impacts of the supply chain impacts of the supply chain (Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence).
  • Visits and/or audits at suppliers to detect risks and socio-environmental and socio-environmental non-conformities .
  • Traceability and transparency of the production chain
  • Analysis and assessment of corporate sustainability
  • Integration of sustainability into the company management system (Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR).
  • Drafting of corporate procedures and standards for supply chain management
  • Drafting of corporate procedures and standards for the development of a development of a sustainable product.
  • Sustainable production: Training for employees and suppliers
  • Communication, information and customer awareness on sustainability and responsible business conduct.
  • Drafting of a non-financial statement (DNF) / sustainability report
  • Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of brand sustainability 360 degress
  • Construction of business models in line with the circular economy
  • Supporting start-ups / emerging brands in building sustainable business models.
  • Supporting the company in obtaining B Corp certification or for the establishment of a benefit company
  • Supporting the company in the development of an inclusive business model (Partnership with non-profit organisations for international development)