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Leathers & Fabrics


With forty years of experience in the fashion industry, his career began in the area of raw material and the more manual, artisanal stages of leather and hide cutting.
His experience continued in the footwear sector, where he worked in quality control research and the industrialisation of leathers and fabrics for Prada, Tom Ford and Dolce & Gabbana.

He currently teaches professional courses for the training of leather goods technicians at the ITS Mitaccademy professional school.

- franco


  • Material research (Leather / Fabrics / Synthetics / Reinforcements and Infustiture)
  • Material research
  • Development of materials and colours
  • Cost analysis of materials (Leather / Fabrics / Synthetics / Reinforcements and Infustruments)
  • Cost analysis for third-party processing of materials
  • Chemical testing assistance in specialised laboratories
  • Assistance with physical and mechanical tests in specialised laboratories
  • Consultancy in the development of prototypes and models in relation to material characteristics, model splitting / placing / drawings.
  • Support for industrialisation of materials and third-party processing of materials
  • Resolution of structural and production problems in the machining of materials
  • Drafting of specifications with AQL percentage and classes of merit
  • Quality control and compliance with material specifications at manufacturers’ premises
  • Assistance with technical documentation
  • Support in updating quality manuals
  • Drafting of company procedures for material quality control
  • Documentation on material regulations and quality certifications
  • Preparation of approval masters for material quality control
  • Rationalisation of material suppliers based on company KPIs
  • Mapping of material suppliers by classes of merit
  • Sustainability issues for materials and new technological proposals
  • Drafting of material sourcing procedures and audit verification
  • Product training on materials (hides and fabrics),
    techniques and processes.